Meet Delano Munroe - DNA Candidate for change in M.I.C.A.L.


It has been said before that the heart of politics is not political theory. Instead, it is people—young and old—and how they choose to live their lives.

It is against this premise that Delano Munroe has chosen to assume a spot in frontline politics. It’s a venture that takes him from being merely an observer to an active participant in the shaping of a new political process that seeks to transform The Bahamas—a new Bahamas.

A recent graduate from the University of London External Program with his LLB, Delano truly believes in that change will ensure the betterment of all people, particularly the youth. 

Born on November 24th, 1977 to Paula and Randolph Munroe, Delano comes from humble beginnings. From an early age, Delano along with his six siblings learned firsthand the values of hard-work and persistence.

Delano attained his early childhood education at the Carmichael and Carlton Francis Primary Schools graduating in 1989 as a distinguished student.

The year 1995 marked the completion of his secondary education at the S.C. McPherson Secondary School, where he also served as Head Boy.

It’s a position that he insists has taught him the importance of leadership. Through this position, his passion for a career in youth development was realized and he developed a strong belief that the youth of The Bahamas are the wealth of the country, his commitment and dedication to the empowerment of young Bahamians is unquestionable.

In September 2000, Delano was invited by the Government of The Bahamas to join the team at the Ministry of Youth as a Youth Officer assigned to the Youth Enterprise Department.

Delano served as the longest serving Program Manager for Junior Achievement Bahamas; a position he has held for more than ten years.

As Program Manager, Delano's ultimate goal is to ensure the success and empowerment of each young person enrolled in the program. Under his stewardship, several innovative initiatives were implemented to ensure that deserving participants receive scholastic opportunities at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities throughout the United States. He can be credited as the founder of the Business and Industry trip for high school seniors.

A Junkanoo enthusiast, Delano has also served as a National Junkanoo Judge, Judges Supervisor and member of the Parade Management team. Delano’s public service extends further as he has served as one of the initial committee members of the National Youth Service Programme and has assisted with the National Mentorship Programme. He was later appointed a member of the National Youth Advisory Board for the country.

In addition to his involvement with Junior Achievement, Delano is also served as an honorable member of Her Majesty's Juvenile Panel for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, a member of the Education Advisory Board for Johnson and Wales University, and a consultant for the Office of Admissions at St. Leo University.

An avid churchgoer, he attends St. Gregory's Anglican Church and served on the Anglican Diocesan Youth Advisory Council.

Delano truly practices what he preaches, as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Many young people can certify that they have benefited financially from his kind-hearted and giving personality for sports and band trips, youth conferences and other noteworthy initiatives.

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