Meet Madeline Sawyer - DNA Candidate for change in Southern Shores


A certified lawyer, physician and surgeon, Dr. Madeline Sawyer was born in New Providence to parents Doris Sawyer of Governor’s Harbour and John Nelson Sawyer from Savannah Sound, Eleuthera.

She received her preliminary education at Government High School. She continued her tertiary education at the University of Scotland, where she received her Doctorate.  In 2008, she received a law degree from the University of Auddersfield.

Sawyer is the founder of the I Am Smart Foundation, which is committed to the elimination of risky sexual behavior and heightened awareness of STD’s and STI’s. The I Am Smart Foundation aims to eliminate teenage pregnancy by 2020 in The Bahamas.

Sawyer is also the co-founder of the Zonta Club of Nassau and the Zonta Club of New Providence.

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