Bahamar Employees Blindsided by the PLP

 July 06, 2015

Following the announcement of Bahamar’s bankruptcy filing, the Christie administration made a huge spectacle of itself, proclaiming its ignorance of the developer’s plans, its concern for the future of the property and more importantly the more than 2000 Bahamian workers whose employment now hangs in the balance. In response to the shocking move, the government, through its State Minister of Legal Affairs Damien Gomez – and without solicitation – announced plans to pay “each and every” employee of Bahamar. The government failed to indicate how Bahamar employees will be paid in the future.

As per usual though, the government has dropped the ball, with this latest blunder resulting in even more distress for already challenged Bahamar employees. Despite making an announcement on Friday that it had paid out 2 million dollars to cover the salaries of Bahamian employees, scores of Bahamar employees have yet to receive those monies. A late afternoon statement today meantime attributed that failure to “delays in obtaining payroll particulars”. If this is in fact true, then why would the government prematurely make that announcement? How disappointing it must have been for those expectant Bahamar employees – all of whom have bills which need to be paid – to have had their hopes raised just to be dashed by the PLP’s broken promises.
The government’s statement while speaking to payments for the Bahamian employees, makes no mention of the expat employees also hired by Bahamar. After promising to pay EACH AND EVERY EMPLOYEE, the government’s choice to ignore the property’s expat employees is a show of rank discrimination which may have also laid the legal framework for Bahamar’s attorney’s to argue for the approval of their US court ruling, effectively nullifying the government’s efforts to have those matters determined by the Bahamian courts. 
Clearly, this Christie administration is more concerned about political optics than actually acting on behalf of these employees. Such behavior is unacceptable and does little to move this debacle towards a speedy resolution. The Democratic National Alliance calls on the government to put aside matters of ego and work whole heartedly to find the best possible solution for those employees while working to salvage the country’s international reputation. 
Branville McCartney
DNA Leader
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