THE PLP AND CLICO: No Insurance, No Assurance

 January 03, 2016

A third consecutive year has ended with no resolution or comment from the Christie administration on the more than 15,000 medical policies of former CLICO customers. It has been more than six years since the company shuttered its local operation and despite numerous promises, this government has failed to live up to their word. Now, as a new year begins, thousands of hardworking Bahamians remain in financial limbo, and are potentially poised to lose millions of dollars in policy payments made to the company since that time. 

Sadly though, this Christie administration does not shoulder all of the responsibility in this matter. After being advised by the former Prime Minister to keep paying their premiums, these hardworking Bahamians did just that; even as the country’s economic conditions worsened, policyholders from all walks of life, continued to meet their financial obligations to the company on the promise that the government would work to secure their futures. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN and instead, the company was allowed to transfer millions of dollars out of the country.

While in opposition the Christie led PLP promised to bring a much needed resolution to the issue; in fact as opposition leader, Mr. Christie was particularly vocal about what he called at the time, the many missteps of the Ingraham government in protecting the rights and interests of Bahamians. Sadly, his activism turned to rhetoric after the general election and those very persons who Mr. Christie pledged to protect have been left holding the proverbial bag. 

In June of 2015, the government again promised to address this issue and had been expected to unveil a new plan in Parliament in a few short weeks. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. Those weeks have since turned to months and rather than finally accepting responsibility for its role in the matter their silence thus far has only compounded the problem. Now, those policyholders will be left with NO INSURANCE and NO ASSURANCE.

Back in November, the insolvent insurer’s liquidators announced its intention to discontinue all medical insurance policies by December 31. After failing to initially protect those policyholders from underwriter’s collapsing business, and then failing to fulfill its many promises to resolve the issue, the government had an obligation to ensure that this deadline was in fact met. As usual however, this absent, out of touch and late again Christie government HAS FAILED! 

The Prime Minister has again squandered the opportunity to prove once and for all that his government is in fact capable of acting to protect its citizenry. The government has yet again squandered the chance to prove itself true to its campaign slogan, to prove that they BELIEVE in Bahamians. 

Unfortunately, we are now days into the New Year, and days past the December 31st deadline and still there has been NO OFFICIAL WORD from the government. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. These policyholders have a right to know what’s next. After years of waiting they deserve ANSWERS and the PM should give it to them. HE OWES THEM THAT MUCH!

Branville McCartney
DNA Leader


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