The Issues // Immigration Plan

Immigration Plan

These are the designed policies that will be proposed under a government led by the Democratic National Alliance:


We recognise, appreciate & thank all persons of foreign nationality, who have helped to build & develop The Bahamas & will continue to do so.

  • There will be an overriding principle that career opportunities will be offered to Bahamians before any other.
  • The DNA Government will welcome legal migration to The Bahamas, if there is work that Bahamians are not qualified or unwilling to do.
  • The DNA will ensure that the Department of Immigration is ran efficiently through:
    • Continuous training of immigration officers & clerical staff
    • Quick responses to applications.
    • Quality public service.
    • The production of quantative & qualitative data for public information & consumption.
    • Regular immigration board meetings focused on continuous departmental upgrades & systematic improvement.
    • Non-political interference with the Department of Immigration, but rather respect for the department & its staff.
    • In keeping with the Department of Immigration’s mission & the DNA's overall national security vision, the DNA will ensure that the department has a highly effective operation in Inagua.
    • The Department of Immigration will be operated like a business


Within the first six months of it coming to office, the DNA will produce & implement an immigration policy, outlining the process of:

  • Temporary work permit applications
  • Short & long-term work permit applications
  • Transfer of work permits
  • Annual residence applications
  • Home owners residents' cards
  • Spousal permits
  • Extention of visitor's status
  • Permenant residency applications
  • Citizenship application
  • Apprehension of Individuals
  • Refugee status
  • Asylum seekers
  • Human trafficking or smuggling
  • Immigration watch & the introductory cadet program
  • Eliminate the wastage of justice system resources and potential damages for malicious prosecution as a result of poor decision-making.

The immigration policy will be impacted by & will take into consideration new & established policies in the following sectors:

  • Finance & Investment
  • Argiculture, Fisheries & Marine Resource
  • Health
  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Labour

Under the DNA Immigration Policy, foreign nationals not wishing to work in The Bahamas, but wanting a right to reside must produce:

  • Proof of an annual income (figure to be determined)
  • Proof that there is no need for gainful employment in The Bahamas and are able to sustain themselves in this country.
  • Investment(s) (amount to be determined), a portion of which must be in developed real estate.
    • Individuals of high net worth, particularly those who are in a position to invest a substantial sum in an employment generating business or businesses that contribute to the overall national development plan, may participate in an incentive scheme intented to attract direct foreign investors & their dependents.
    • Such persons may, provided they can demonstate a personal net worth (amount to be determined) & investment(s) will be able to apply for a certificate of direct investment.
    • Under the DNA Government, there will be Certificates of Direct Investments for those who qualify.

Moreover, the DNA's Immigration Policy will reflect the priorities & needs of our country, our citizens & our economy.


It is the duty of all governments to discharge its fundamental obligation to its citizenry, by protecting them & securing the country’s borders. Successive governments have failed miserably to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. For the most part the political will was not present. In many cases, the illegal immigration problem has been used as a “political tool.”

  • Illegal Landing: The fine is $300 or imprisonment, not more than 12 months or both
  • Master of any ship or captain of any aircraft: the fine is $1000 or imprisonment, not to exceed 2 years or both
  • Summary conviction: the fine is $5000 or imprisonment, not to exceed 5 years or both – (Supreme Court)
  • Section 29(3) Immigration Act – Employment of persons without a valid work permit
  • The Immigration Act must be amended to make harboring of illegals an offence
  • Upon deportation, persons must be fingerprinted.
  • People, who have resided in The Bahamas continuously prior to 1985 should be regularized—subject to such exceptions & qualifications as may be prescribed in the interest of national security & public interest policies.
  • The DNA's position as it relates to children born to an illegal immigrant is that a child, upon reaching the age of 18 years and before his/her 19th birthday is entitled to apply for Bahamian citizenship.
  • Upon coming to office, the DNA will put to the Bahamian people, by way of referendum, on whether Bahamas-born children of illegal immigrants should have the right to apply for citizenship for them and/or their children.
  • In any event, those with the right to apply for citizenship, under the DNA Government, will have to advertise their interest with a recent photo in local newspapers.
  • The DNA's policies will also support that the same privilege given to a Bahamian male regarding his child/children born outside The Bahamas will be given to the Bahamian female; that is, her child, at the date of his/her birth, shall become a Bahamian Citizen.
  • Under the DNA's government, people with the right to apply for citizenship will have to attend classes to ensure that they know:
    • The English Language
    • Our National Anthem
    • Our Pledge Of Allegiance
    • Our History
    • Our Culture and Heritage
    • Our Parliamentary System &
    • Other aspects of Bahamian society & culture.
  • The DNA is committed to bringing the vexing illegal immigration problem in The Bahamas under control in a humane way, particularly in relation to illegal immigration apprehension and deportation procedures:
    • There must be consistent, routine & sustained apprehension excercises for all foreign nationals in The Bahamas illegally.
    • Shanty towns must not be allowed to take root in The Bahamas, particularly on crown land.


  • Illegal Immigration
    • Monitor water way & develop trend analysis
    • Close port vulnerabilities that allow illegal aliens to enter the country
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking
  • Marine Poaching
  • International Crime Solutions
    • Service Oriented Architecture
      • New paradigm for information sharing
    • Sensors
      • High res cameras, intelligent video, Thermal IR, embedded processing
      • Cargo scanning & CBRN detection
      • Blue force & small boat tracking
    • High Bandwidth Network Architectures
    • Advanced User Interface with Automation
      • Data Fusion
      • Integrated detect, track, ID, dispatch
      • Video analytics & automated scene awareness
    • Database Evaluation
      • In Port
      • At Sea
    • Intelligent Processing
    • Biometrics
      • In Port
      • At Sea