DNA Leadership

Branville McCartney - Leader
William Arthur Branville McCartney was born in Nassau on May 6, 1967 to William and Marina McCartney.

A 1985 graduate of Kingsway Academy, Branville McCartney read law at Holborn Law Tutors in London, England, where he graduated in 1989 with an LLB Honors Deg...

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Christopher Mortimer - Deputy Leader
Born Christopher Andre Mortimer, March 24, 1970 on the island of New Providence, Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Mortimerʼs mother, Mary Louise and father, Christopher Alexander (deceased) both grew up in time of significant change and transition for the Bahamas. His par...

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Prodesta Moore - President, DNA Women's Alliance
R. Prodesta Moore is a native of New Providence, a dedicated wife and mother, who is passionate about addressing the social ills and the economic deficiencies that plague many households and communities.

This mother of four, LaShanda, Drameko, Leslie Jr. an...

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Ben Albury - President, DNA Business Alliance
Born on October 28, 1977 to Danny and Denise Albury, Ben Albury grew up in Blair Estates and is of old Bahamian, maritime stock. A young man with a strong passion for the Montagu District where he grew up, Ben also has a very strong connection to the Family Islands. One...

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Democratic National Alliance - Bahamas

The mission of The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is to ensure that the needs and aspirations of Bahamian people - to be owners with the government in the political, cultural, and economic development of the nation - are met. The DNA is devoted to upholding, protecting, and deepening the democratic rule of law in society by promoting openness and accountability in governmental affairs, social justice and equality, and the right of the people to self-governance and authority in determining their own destiny.