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Farrell Goff was born in Rock Sound Eleuthera and, under the watchful eye of his very loving and spiritual grandmother, resided there for the first five years of his life. These formative years on “the island” had much to do with creating the building blocks for his future character and way of life.

At the age of five, he moved to Nassau to live with his mother and step-father, Sabrina and Stephen Heastie and attended Queens College Primary and High schools, graduating in 1992.

Farrell later went on to attend the Howard University School of Architecture in Washington DC, successfully receiving his Bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2000. While at Howard University, he received a great deal more than just architectural training, as the diverse background and fabric of Howard University became the catalyst for many other interests and passions. His studies of the African Diaspora heightened his love and appreciation of the Bahamas, and as a result, his desire to play a more active role in the leadership and policy making process in the country began to take form.

Soon after completing his Bachelors degree program at Howard, Farrell obtained a Master’s in Civil Engineering at Catholic University, also in Washington DC. 

Returning to the Bahamas shortly after completing his studies at Catholic University in 2002, he worked for Veritas Consultants as a Project Manager and was later selected by HKS Incorporated, out of Dallas, Texas, as project manager for the Atlantis Phase III Project. He established two businesses of his own in 2006 and never looked back.

Currently Farrell is the owner of Bahamas Woodworking Studio, which provides high end custom, locally produced residential and commercial cabinetry, and Synergy Visualization, a consultant firm offering architectural renderings to realtors, architects, and developers.

His personal interests include reading, boating, snowboarding and distance running. He also enjoys golfing and fishing. Farrell attends Global Village Methodist Church and assists the various church groups in the community as a volunteer
A family man, Farrell is married to Monette (nee Russell-Pratt) and the couple has son.

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