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Born on October 28, 1977 to Danny and Denise Albury, Ben Albury grew up in Blair Estates and is of old Bahamian, maritime stock. A young man with a strong passion for the Montagu District where he grew up, Ben also has a very strong connection to the Family Islands. One branch of his family, the Alburys, arrived in Eleuthera in 1661 and, on his maternal side, the Higgs and Sands ancestry connects him to Spanish Wells and Hope Town.

Raised in a Christian family, this former Kingsway Academy student athlete showed his business acumen very early in life when, at age 6, he would frequent SanPin Motors on his vacation to sell chocolate bars to the employees and customers.  He started full time work as a warehouse attendant at Multi Discount Furniture in 1995 and one year later became a salesman at Bahamas Bus and Truck; he now holds the position of Operations Manager at the company.

In addition, Ben’s entrepreneurial skills are reflected in his other working ventures, which include a valet service, a computer business, and a residential and commercial security business. As a licensed realtor, he has worked with ERA, Mosko’s Realty, and Turnberry Realty and is presently the President of LTI Holdings and local Brand Manager for Rock Star Incorporated. 

Outgoing and congenial, he sits on the Board of Directors of the Bahamas Motor Dealership Association and is a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, serving on the Club’s social, fellowship, and fishing committees. 

Ben, a former member of Evangelistic Temple, worships at the non-denominational Eagle’s Nest and enjoys fishing, shooting, boating, and island hopping.

Devoted to friends and family, particularly his young daughter Deija Star and his sister Kristen and her new family, Ben is excited by the idea of becoming the agent for change and empowerment in the Montagu district of New Providence. 


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