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R. Prodesta Moore is a native of New Providence, a dedicated wife and mother, who is passionate about addressing the social ills and the economic deficiencies that plague many households and communities.  

This mother of four, LaShanda, Drameko, Leslie Jr. and Camyka and two grand children, Tayina and Elrey, is married to Leslie L Moore (the oldest son of former M.P. for High Rock, Maurice Moore).

Prodesta graduated from C.C. Sweeting Senior High School, where she earned her high school diploma.  She attended Florida Metropolitan University in Fort Lauderdale, where she earned her Associates Degree in Paralegal and later attended Florida International University to begin her Bachelors’ Degree in Business, which she is currently completing at the University of West Indies Open Campus.

She aspires not only to be the voice of the people in Killarney, but also the hands and the legs that will work endlessly to improve the quality of life for all Bahamians. 

In addition, Prodesta has completed numerous training in social work, leadership development, grant writing, capacity building, youth development, pregnancy prevention, life skills and HIV/AIDS awareness education, focusing on at risk populations.

Prodesta has volunteered with several youth service organizations, where she gained most of her experience in youth and social development.  She is now the President and CEO of a nonprofit organization Urban Youth Development Centre, which provides youth development and empowerment training for school aged youth, and extends their services to young adult ages 18 to 35, focusing on women’s sexual reproductive health. 

Prodesta does not believe in standing on the sidelines and pointing fingers at others for failure.

Prodesta is the best choice to represent the people of Killarney, because of her ability to interact with people on all levels and, more importantly, because of her commitment to serve. Prodesta Moore is ready, able and fit to serve under the DNA government from day one. 

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